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The Living Consciously Education Program

First of all, welcome to What We Do within the Living Consciously Education Program. Each of the Living Consciously Education courses teaches coaches and hones your skills to Live Consciously. That’s What We Do.

We’ve added value to The Living Consciously Education Program. You will get free tools with each course description you subscribe to in the form of a report. Get the report before you buy the course. If you are interested in a specific course set up a free strategy session and we’ll customize the course based on your life, your struggles, and your goals. Each course has a designation for so you can easily ask for what you want. The HTH X.X.X code is the designation.

You will learn to Live Consciously in your relationship with yourself, your friends, your family, and in your daily interactions.

Most important of all, the free strategy session is given over the phone before you buy a course to make sure it is right for you. We deliver all materials either over the phone or via the Internet. Once you buy a course, you get one-on-one coaching session included each week. The strategy session allows us to customize the course for you. As a result, you never buy anything you don’t need. Therefore, you will receive the highest value and level of customer service for your time and energy. The more you put into the work, the more you will receive.

What is HTH?

Each course is identified by an Item # HTH X.X.X, the HTH stands for Healing the Heart. The tools in the Living Consciously Education Program are here to help you become a student of Living Consciously. When you do, you live in your passion while being balanced in your natural state of aliveness and vitality.

Click on the image(s) below for additional information in the form of a report, video or email series.

This powerful class will help you uncover the real you, the one you let go of so many years ago. Many people have forgotten the amazing gift they live every day. It's time to remember. click this image to learn more

Balance Scale: Learn how to overcome the pain of past experiences. Live free to be who you truly are You Are Not Your Past. Click to learn more.

Links to Being Your Adult's Ideal Self-Parent page

Nature of Emotions

Realize Your Values

Cure of Forgiveness click on image to open new page

Body Intelligence quiz and free report

Words Create Reality - Perceptions of Reality

Action Based, Forward Focus

Retrain the brain

Learn More

If you would like to learn more about the reports associated with the Living Consciously Education Program click on the images above for each of the courses. A full description of the course is available with each report. Then if you find a course that suits your level of conscious awareness where you would like to excel, just order the course at the time you receive your free strategy session.

The Living Consciously Education Program offers you a free strategy session. Each session allows you to ask questions about the courses, the coaching process, and more.

Most of all the free strategy session is available everytime you download a free report. The session is intended to be used as a way to include the skill set into your daily life, through strategies, based on your objectives. At any time you may also contact us directly at GreenMountain Enrichment and Empowerment Center please use this link and put in the comment field that you would like the report for the associated course, use the HTH Course designation.

After reading through the report set up a time to talk about this course more in-depth and set up your free strategy session. During this one hour session, I will answer your questions and set up your confidential, customized course. Each time you do what is right for you, you create peace in your heart. Each time you feel that peace, you add more peace to the world.

Sign up for your free strategy session to see if this course is right for you!

In conclusion, if you are interested and ready to invest in you, Living Consciously is the best way to gain Self-Knowledge.

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