Adult’s Ideal Self-Parent

Your Adult’s Ideal Self-Parent for Individuals

Begin to be your own Self-Parent for your Adult’s Self. The Living Consciously Education Program allows you to create the Parent you always wanted without dishonoring the parents I had (have).

Objective: To live in this life free to seize the possibilities and opportunities based on what is now.

What if your parents had your internal compass, desires, and values?

Would they have taught you differently?

Imagine what that would that look like?

How would your life be different if you always had someone on your side?

Knowing you have a mentor who understands your heart and mind supporting you every moment?

What if someone you could imagine, you could talk to daily?

This course will give you an introduction into a visualization of your Inner Parent.

Learn to communicate with your inner Parent discover the mentor that is specially designed for your life in mind. Within the coaching format, we will help you learn what your mind/body/spirit want to create for your inner parent. Our program helps you set up new behaviors/beliefs to put firmly in place. We do this by putting emphasis on transformation.

Your Adults Ideal Self-Parent The Method:

Creates a forum for you to create the parent you always wanted

Recognize self‐sabotage & know how to let go of the standard operating procedure

Learn to foster and nurture a healing relationship with an enlightened parent

Create an opening for communication

Discover another dimension of desire you may want to create for yourself

Bring your infinite intelligence to the scene with a parent who really knows how to help

Learn how to bring the wisdom and confidence into your life now

You can live in this life free to seize the possibilities and opportunities with the help of Your Adult’s Ideal Self-Parent.

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After reading through the report set up a time to talk about this course more in-depth and set up your free strategy session. During this forty minute session, I will answer your questions and set up your confidential, customized course. Each time you do what is right for you, you create peace in your heart. Each time you feel that peace, you add more peace to the world.

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Nothing herein should be construed as medical advice as each idea is intended for support of the student’s spiritual process and self-healing. It is our intent to expand the thought of the reader, to open up the mind to possibilities. Thus creating the substance of expanded thought. By using the mind to move energy in and out of our sphere of influence to create success in their business through clearly knowing their vision, who they serve, how they serve, and what limitations they have set up in their way. Through this course, you will set up strategies to unblock the roadblocks and begin your journey a whole new way. It is through this process that creation of substance is produced; thereby, simply beginning to play with the idea, we begin to create.