Being Your Own Best Friend

Course HTH # 1.1.16 Being Your Own Best Friend

Being Your Own Best Friend is the course that teaches you how to love yourself. Most people at least like themselves and some believe that loving yourself is a sin. I’m here to tell you that if you love yourself, it’s easier to love others and receive love from others.

What does it mean to be your own best friend? It means being nice to yourself, having confidence and peace of mind. It begins with letting go of the self­-doubt and Being Your Own Best Friend!

We all have had times when we have used self-degrading humor, sabotaged our dreams through unconscious acts of mindlessness. Worst of all lost our luster for life. Have you ever said to someone, “I’m my own worst enemy”?

When you are being your own best friend, the transformation will ripple through to EVERY level of your life. You can truly only love others as much as you love yourself. When you love yourself, you begin to live in abundance; this is the journey of success that you want to create!

Recent events in the world have created a great wondering about how we as healers can unite and help. We have seen that the self-­defeat and pain we cause ourselves with negative thoughts and self-talk create a huge amount of deficit in our lives.

Studies have PROVEN that this negativity lowers your immune system. We know that it also lowers your vibration and attraction to abundance. We know through the AMA and the natural healing communities that it creates stress and that every decision you make is related to how you treat yourself.

Tips and Valuable Information about Being Your Own Best Friend

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