Communicating What You Want

Communicating What You Want

Thank You for reading more about Communicating What You Want. 

I give workshops at Ananda Ashram each month. Check the website for upcoming events. For those of you who have attended our workshops: “Thank You for attending Communicate What You Want at Ananda Ashram. Get More, Now! You came, you saw, you experienced the workshop Communicate What You Want.”

I know it’s hard with so many things to do, to attend all of the workshops I offer at Ananda Ashram, and sometimes you miss part of the series. Well, that’s alright with me, as long as you take the time to use what you’ve learned, and get more.  Remember to fill out any forms I offer, and send them back if you want to. But more importantly, learn, grow and love.

Furthermore, for those of you who haven’t attended our workshops, we offer you the Communicating What You Want Free Report. This report gives you real skills and tools for each module in the Living Consciously Education Programs.

The Communicating What You Want report is free and includes:

  • Learn to create reality checks as an integral part of your communication process.
  • Use a unique Communication Style Self-Assessment.
  • Deepen your awareness to access your body intelligence.
  • Assertive / Passive Communication Styles using NLP

Tips and Tricks for Communicating What You Want

Learn to create reality checks as an integral part of your communication process.

Become aware of your patterns in your communication style. This can help you become aware of areas where you may not be connecting effectively as you would like.

The words you use are a reflection of an underlying belief from your unconscious mind. You may also see behaviors that reinforce your belief. These behaviors typically are hidden and considered unconscious behaviors.

Notice how the ego interprets the information you send and receive. In the free report learn how to break this process down to remove blame, shame, guilt, and fear. Learn to extract truth and facts from information using one very powerful tool taught to you in the free Communicating What You Want Report.

Let’s face it we all want to feel understood. People are fascinated with the idea that each of our interaction can be enriched by educating ourselves with grammar, punctuation, and proper social decorum. That’s why we offer you an alternative idea about Communicating What You Want.

If you would like to receive this report you may also contact us directly at GreenMountain Enrichment and Empowerment Center please use this link and put in the comment field that you would like the report for Communicating What You Want.

After reading through the report set up a time to talk about this course more in-depth and set up your free strategy session. During this forty minute session, I will answer your questions and set up your confidential, customized course. Each time you do what is right for you, you create peace in your heart. Each time you feel that peace, you add more peace to the world.

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