Laws of Conscious Living

The Laws of Conscious Living

The tools in the Living Consciously Education Program all come together in the Laws of Conscious Living. People use the tools in this program to live purposefully. These become our students. Thus, our students are interested in having vitality and who want to give their life a quality rarely seen in our Ego Driven Society.

If you have lost your way the Laws give you an opportunity to find your path again. It provides clarity to those who are confused. Most of all, live your life effectively with wisdom. Lessens your suffering while visiting our planet earth.

The first law is that you are not the body or mind. You are consciousness, an awareness that no matter what the body or mind goes through does not change. In this perspective you cannot be less than you are, nor do you grow or become more. Nothing can diminish you or add to you. Therefore, learning this truth you realize you are all you will ever be.

The Courses in the Living Consciously Education Program teach you to individually each Skillset.

In The Laws of Conscious Living, we bring it all together and coalesce the tools to help you create a powerful life.

Discover your truth through the coursework. It will help you realize you are not your personality. Your desired goals can help you cultivate new personality traits. You are not a product of your past. Your past does influence you if you want it to. The point is that you have a choice if you enjoy what your past has produced keep it, add to it, cultivate more of it. If not, let it go.

Once you realize you have a choice about your internal programming, you can then begin to change the programming based on the life you want to have. Let’s say you had a rough childhood and you came out of it with a “less than” attitude. You can parent your inner child to learn the lessons and let go of the self-sabotaging behaviors.

Not one person on the planet had a parent with an internal compass that was calibrated for their child’s mindset, needs, purpose or desires. Yet we all need someone who does have this internal compass and knows exactly what we need. That’s why we created Your Adult’s Ideal Self-Parent. This course teaches you how to tap into your intuition on a whole new level to support you and give you the guidance you need, especially in your dark hours.

In the first section, you come to the conclusion that you have a been programmed, and now you have a choice to create your own operational manual for your automatic responses.

Emotional Intelligence, Value-Based Living, Forgiveness and Body Intelligence

Learning emotional intelligence allows you be knowledgeable while being kind to your peers. This skill helps you become an accomplished problem solver with compassion. Learn the ability to take appropriate action with practiced forethought. The skill learned here is about using excitement, passion and your brain power to create an environment of innovation, creativity to use your emotions a whole new way!

Many of us are awakening to who we are and learning new ways to see the world. As we awaken we can change our unhealthy thoughts, beliefs, and emotions we learned through socialization. The automatic responses we often use can create disastrous results in our relationships, financial health, and general well being. Our value system is one of the main influences that help us live life with satisfaction. Pay attention to your values and choose them consciously.

In conclusion, the second section teaches you about your body and emotions to create a value map that will guide you to use a better decision-making process.

Communication, Focus, Action, and Retraining the Brain

After you have created a clear value system that works best for you, you now need to help re-educate those in your world who you have relationships with. That is no easy task! In this section, you will take your communication abilities learned in Communicate What You Want and use them with forethought and effectiveness.

Action Based Forward Focus used in The Laws of Conscious Living because you learn the Law of Thought. As a result, you are vigilant in watching your thoughts as a way to stay focused. As you find thoughts and neuro-pathways that do not support your life, you retrain your brain. Therefore, you are continually staying on your path.

This is especially relevant to create a powerful life. The Laws of Conscious Living help you understand the world around you. Consequently, you begin to feel the vitality that is needed to motivate your actions and continue your purpose.

Being Your Own Best Friend and Emotions as Tools:

The Laws of Conscious Living teach you about the law of belief, energy, and polarity. This is important because without those laws you do not have the ability to love yourself. In conclusion, if you do not love yourself then you cannot be your own best friend.

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Each time you do what is right for you, you create peace in your heart. Each time you feel that peace, you add more peace to the world.

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