Nature of Emotions

The Nature of Emotions

The Benefit of Dispassion Step #6 in the Living Consciously Education Program

Emotional Awareness allows for peace to prevail even in the face of strong emotion. Discover how this paradigm can be true through the Nature of Emotions.

The art of detachment is emotional intelligence, at it’s best it is the acceptance of what is. This is the place where peace and appropriate right action can be taken. Understand the process of Mental Alchemy to gain emotional intelligence within to stay neutral in a conversation.

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On page 5 we define the term “emotional dumping.” Don’t lose credibility by committing the sin of emotional dumping. Permission and preparation are key elements to resolving the situation when faced with gossip.

You will learn the distinction of feelings as felt through the pressure points located in the body. Accordingly, you will begin to understand emotions as felt through the nervous system induced by our interpretation of thoughts by the biochemistry of our body.

As social creatures, we can confuse the terms of feelings vs. emotions. This can create issues when speaking to others about how we feel and our intuition. Integrate intelligence of experience through the application of our knowledge base, is wisdom.

Emotional Intelligence begins with this internal awareness.

Signs of being in ego include feelings and language of blame, shame, judgment, domination, guilt, and a disproportionate need to compete…

…When we recognize that we are caught up in one of these experiences, we can actually begin to retrain the biochemistry of our mind.

We do not want to stop this process, but instead, utilize it for our personal awareness and growth by adding a filter to our mental process. This filter is defined as awareness or being the witness to expressions of the body. Using your awareness to observe your communication externally and internally allows you to avoid the trap of allowing thoughts that cause drama and trauma in your life to rule your daily interactions.

Mental Alchemy

In this report, Mental Alchemy refers to the art of changing and transforming one’s own mental states and conditions. It involves replacing negative emotions (self-doubt, negativity, and anxiety) with positive ones (discernment, understanding, motivation).

When used properly, doubt can be the beginning stage of discernment. Turning doubt into discernment is a beautiful boundary setter, and allows you to begin to follow your heart. You will begin to see your life’s purpose this way.

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