Parenting Your Inner Child

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Parenting Your Inner Child creates an opening for communication. It’s time to understand your underlying automatic commitments based on your childhood agreements.

Parenting Your Inner Child - Learn to foster and nurture a healing relationship with your younger self

Parenting Your Inner Child allows you to deeply understand why you are committed* to reacting to the world the way you do. It helps you heal childhood issues that keep you in your current paradigm of frustration. The Parenting Your Inner Child process has helped hundreds of my clients. I want to offer this process in a workbook to help you through this method. Using the techniques in this workbook strengthens your ability to live this life with peace, joy, and freedom.

All of us have had wounds from childhood. There are those who walk among you who also have had bad things happen and yet have a sunny disposition. What do they know that you do not?

Simple: they have forgiven their child self and their childhood experiences for the pain. They have come to realize that childhood gave them something amazing, and they are grateful for it!

As a matter of a fact, we have a testimonial that came to me as I was writing this workshop: “The fact that you and your siblings have taken the trauma of your early lives and molded it into something beautiful rather than remain victims is so beautiful it takes my breath away. You extend to the world the most beautiful energy, and it seems like you are always able to access it and view everything in life as a gift.”

Get your Parenting Your Inner Child workbook through

Get your Parenting Your Inner Child workbook through

Parenting Your Inner Child Course Customized for You

If you are interested in the Parenting Your Inner Child Course please note that this course is delivered over the phone or via the Internet. The course is four weeks long.

At the end of the Parenting Your Inner Child Course, you will be able to begin to cultivate a relationship with your inner child who often causes havoc in your daily life. Think about the wounds you have and how many actions are unconsciously run by them. If you begin to cultivate a relationship with your Inner Child you are able to parent them through the trauma from your adult’s perspective.

You will connect with your younger self, and feel gratitude for the lessons you have learned. It is letting the ego point you to areas that create a long-forgotten experience in your body. You create aliveness, playfulness, an exploratory nature. Most of all, you bring back your childlike enthusiasm for life! Our program helps you set up new behaviors and beliefs to put firmly in place. We do this by putting emphasis on transformation.

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After reading through the report set up a time to talk about this course more in-depth and set up your free strategy session. During this forty minute session, I will answer your questions and set up your confidential, customized course. Each time you do what is right for you, you create peace in your heart. Each time you feel that peace, you add more peace to the world.

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