Realizing Your Values

Step #5 in the Living Consciously Education Program is Realizing Your Values.
Primary Objective: To discover your true values.

This course will give you tools to decipher your values from the values you just carry around with you as though they were your own.

Many of us are awakening to who we are and learning new ways to see the world. As we awaken we can change our unhealthy thoughts, beliefs, and emotions we learned through socialization. The automatic responses we often use can be disastrous to our relationships, financial health, and general well being.

These responses can be considered as our current operational code our brains use to navigate today’s challenges.

Understanding we can change our operational code allows us to realize something very special. We begin to experience anything we choose in life. First, you must have the desire to become aware of your operational code.

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Step Five – Realizing Your Values.

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