Retrain The Brain

Retrain The Brain

Retrain the Brain is one of my favorite tools to teach my clients it helps you reprogram old thoughts into new ones. The brain holds thoughts like a computer. Once we learn a way of thinking and hold that thought as being true. That thinking can become a self-defeating belief producing self-defeating behaviors. One of the distinctions coaches make about self-defeating beliefs or behaviors is that at one time or another, these ideas were survival mechanisms.

Self-defeating thoughts impede your evolutionary process. Through conscious awareness, however, we begin to realize that we have choices as to what we believe, feel, think and experience and also about how we behave.

When you hold the evidence as the only truth, you are looking at the world from a single, limited perspective.  You continue to produce the same results in your life until you recognize the fact that you have another choice.

Be grateful for the belief’s original inception and recognize that they once served you. For you, it is important to know that you are not stuck in those self-defeating beliefs or behaviors forever, now you can Retrain The Brain.

We hear stories of people using the techniques found in Retrain The Brain for all kinds of old thought patterns that no longer serve them.

Success Stories after using Retrain The Brain: Katherine

My favorite story is about a 75-year-old woman, who is an energy healer. Katherine has been working very hard trying to get her website up and running. Her belief: Technology was too complicated.

She set the intention that she would easily and effortlessly learn what she needed to learn. She discovered that learning was fun and even found that she had more energy when she let go of the resistance to discovering new information. She updated her computer and discovered that with the new equipment she could move much faster around the web.

This amazing woman is courageous to start a business now in this time in her life. She claims there was the logical choice for her once she realized how much she had to offer.

Katherine became a client; she writes; “I have the utmost confidence in my Coach, I am amazed at how much I have been influenced by the negative and ‘lost my personal power.’ I want that back. I don’t smile, I don’t feel happy, I am gaining a solid foundation with my Coach, Karen. I am learning I don’t have to let the influence of others stop me, if I can’t physically move on, I can emotionally, spiritually and mentally move on and my physical being will begin to support me. I am grateful.


“I have been using the Retrain the Brain continuously and am clearing out lots of stuff. I am clearer in my thinking.  Yesterday, I cleared being intimidated and that is a huge shift. I have spent a lifetime doing what I have to do instead of doing what I like or being more spontaneous. Now it’s all switched and that is a huge shift. I pulled some positive from the front of my brain and am keeping those thoughts as my new motivation. My whole body feels different and spirit feels different.”

Of course, our star of the Retrain The Brain Show was LaTara:

At the time of our online workshop Retrain The Brain LaTara wanted to move to Italy. However, LaTara felt that the accomplishment of such a task was overwhelming and too complicated. If you followed some of our recordings you know she’s been dreaming about this for over a year prior to the Retrain the Brain course.

Her task list was easily and effortlessly made after taking some of our free online courses about organization, self-awareness and taking action to make things happen.  LaTara used Retrain The Brain and to help her know that her tasks were simple. She easily knocked out the items on her list to be able to get her paperwork together and file it, she had the interviews and now lives in Italy where she is very happy. Press play to hear her story.



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