The Cure of Forgiveness

The Cure of Forgiveness is about Self-Healing.

In the course The Cure of Forgiveness you will learn to forgive. Not for the other person, but for your own personal growth and healing. Forgiveness in this course is focused on you and your ability to thrive in life by letting go of the trauma to live life fully.

The responsibility for the offense is forgotten. Revenge serves no purpose, but justice does. When we’re hurt, angry or afraid it’s hard to know the difference. The “Cure of Forgiveness” is here to help you stop poisoning yourself and begin to feel whole and complete once again.

When you have had an experience so horrific that it makes others cringe when you tell your tale, it affects everything you think, do, say, and believe how you see the world. How do you heal?

My own journey brought me a cure that eradicated horrific flashbacks and nightmares upsetting my ability to live a “normal” life. Using the cure of forgiveness stopped the haunting of my past within my daily life. You see, I was suffering from what the doctors called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This made the events of the past feel and be viewed in my daily life as if they were happening in the present. It made the idea of having a “normal” life unimaginable.

The tools I learned about forgiveness and the bodywork I engaged in allowed me to live in the present. I learned the “Cure of Forgiveness”. The cure transformed my daily life from one of constant fear and turmoil and creating more trauma into a life so rich and full today that I am grateful for each breath. This is the gift I will share with you through the course.

Value > Purpose > Process > Awareness

What value would you receive if you forgive?

My father blatantly violated my rights as a human being. The violent nature of the offense was so traumatic how do I forgive him? The answer is simple. When I think of things that I did with my father everything was tainted by the abuse. When I forgave him the little pleasure in life came back to me. Thinks like flying a kite, being in nature, and art was no longer tainted with the pain of the abuse. After I used Forgiveness as a cure, new memories could be created with joy and a new expression of my true self. Until I was able to use forgiveness, many of the things he taught me in childhood were associated with anger, fear and even a loathing for life. Forgiveness really was a cure to live in aliveness and joy.

How do you forgive with a purpose in mind?

The task is to stand as an advocate for yourself. Forgiveness is not about the other person. Forgiveness is about you and healing yourself to live in freedom, no longer chained to the trauma.

The violation happened, it caused you fear, you want to feel safe. You cannot change the past, but the past does not need to run your life.

Learn the process of Living Consciously through Forgiveness.

Through the coaching process, I teach you step-by-step how to use reassociation to change the feelings, emotions, and even body experience to live in the present moment and let go of the memories. The free association exercises allow you to retrain your automatic responses to sights, sounds, memories, smells and even emotions that come up on a daily basis.

This is not Psychotherapy, this is Coaching. Therefore if you are not able to be in the emotion without setting off irrational responses that might harm you or someone else then this program is not right for you. If you still need to process the trauma then please find a professional therapist to help you. However, if you are ready to move past the past and begin to look towards the future not as a victim but as someone who begins to thrive then this course is perfect for you!

Awareness is Key!!!

What is awareness in this context? You are awareness. You’re not the body, though you have a body. You’re not your memories, nor are you your mind that processes these things. You are Pure Consciousness. From this perspective you have choices. Learning to be that conscious being allows you to let go, and let in a better life with vitality and joy.

I’m here to help.

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